Obesity : A Growing Problem

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Introduction: 1 Obesity is a chronic, widespread disease that is affecting more children, adolescents and adults than ever before. In America, obesity rates in children have doubled and tripled in adolescents since 1980 and additionally, 15 percent of children between 6 and 19 are overweight and more than 60 percent of adults are overweight are obese. Additionally, the prevalence of a BMI greater than or equal to 40 had quadrupled from 1986 and 2000 and clinically severe obesity is become prevalent at a faster rate than regular obesity (Griffin, Morgan). This is a major problem that needs to be addressed because health care professionals have observed obesity-related health risks like early onset of Type 2 diabetes, respiratory problems, cancer, depression, and cardiovascular disease and the longer someone is obese, the more serious these factors become. The USPIRC article mentions that 85% percent of people with diabetes have type 2 and 90% of those people are obese or overweight (“Stop Subsidizing Obesity”). Additional health risks include infertility, skin problems, chronic musculoskeletal problems, and osteoarthritis, a primary cause of disability in adults. This affects people of all ages and since obesity is difficult to treat and is associated with chronic diseases, the prevention of it is very vital (Wilding, John). As a country, we need to work towards eliminating obesity because people will be healthier, more productive, and it will save lots of money

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