Obesity : A Healthy Life Style

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I. “In children aged between six and 15 years, the number of cases of obesity was found to have more than tripled from 5 to 16 per cent between 1990 and 2001.” This was stated by Nerys Williams in Management of Obesity in Adolescents and Children (Williams)
II. There are not enough people practicing and maintaining a healthy life style and there is a need for more health education within schools.
III. Throughout the United States more and more people are becoming overweight and having to deal with obesity.
IV. I have thoroughly researched as well as seen the topic of obesity and how it can easily be avoided with the maintenance of a healthy life style.
V. Today, I will confirm the increasing issue of obesity in this country, prove that with a healthy life style one can avoid obesity, and prove why implementing educational programs will benefit you, encourage you to donate some time and effort in avoiding obesity, and prove how it will benefit you in the long run in a variety of your life aspects.
I. Obesity is a problem that is becoming disastrous to Americans mentally and physically. A. Obesity is detrimental and a continuously growing issue in America. According to "F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies are Failing in America" by Medical Benefits the rates of Obesity have increased in 37 states and have not decreased in any states. “Experts estimate that if we keep on the current course, 75% of Americans will be overweight or obese by 2015”(F as…
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