Obesity : A Healthy Lifestyle

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Too many people are obese. Americans are becoming very lazy and are less motivated to work out or exercise. Americans are also becoming dependent to fast unhealthy food places to eat every day. Americans need to choose a healthy lifestyle vs. an unhealthy lifestyle because being healthy is essential in today’s competitive world. According to Center of Disease Control in 2013 it states that 35.7% of Americans are obese. Obesity is a very harmful disease that can be cured from good nutrition and exercise. Obesity is caused from over eating and lack of exercise. Obesity is some cases has many side effects. Obesity can cause diabetes, asthma, and even heart failure. Most of the side effects caused from obesity can be cured through weight loss and better nutrition. Obesity is a growing number that must be stopped. According to World Health Organization obesity worldwide has more than doubled since 1980. When we were little, we were taught not to waste food and to eat all that’s on our plate. But now that can be a bad thing. Over eating and bigger portion sizes are becoming more common in today’s fast food market. The bigger portion sizes are coming with more unhealthy foods and as a result more calories. The big sugary drinks are very unhealthy and have very little to no nutrients. All these extra sugars and calories add up and can lead to long term damage on your body. According to www.Mercola.com, in America, one in five deaths are associated with obesity. Being
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