Obesity : A Major Health Challenge

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Introduction Obesity is a major health challenge in the United States. The World Obesity Federation reports obesity has become a major growing health problem since infectious diseases and nutrient deficiencies began to fade in the first half of the 20th century (WOF, 2015, para 1). Obesity is one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention report more than one-third of adults in the United States are obese and childhood obesity is at 17 percent. Health information and education are needed to promote a healthier society. This discussion will examine influences, initiatives, developed outcomes and progress and the current status as it relates to obesity. Obesity is more than…show more content…
HTN, HLD, DM, and sedentary behaviors are the leading cause of stroke and cardiovascular disease (CVD) (Lana, et al., 2016). CVD is the leading cause of death in the Americas (Lanas, et al., 2016). Obesity leads to increased chronic conditions, high medical costs, and shortened life expectancy (Brody & Meeks, 2016). Past and Present Obesity Initiatives The obesity epidemic in the United States have proven difficult to reverse. As a nation, we have not been successful in helping the people sustain the eating and physical activity pattern that is needed to maintain a healthy body weight (Mitchell,et al.,2011) .There is a growing recognition that we will not be able to sustain healthy life style until we are able to address the environment and culture that currently support unhealthy lifestyle. The energy requirement for much of the population may be below the level of energy intake than can reasonably maintain and over the time ways we produce and market our foods and the ways we inadvertently promote the sedentary behavior (Mitchell,et al.,2011). Efforts are underway to prevent the obesity in schools, worksite and communities. Consuming fast food can cause development of insulin resistance and changes in body weight. Consuming soda with fast food and eating less fruit and vegetables are other causes of obesity. The fast food restaurants have increased their portion
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