Obesity : A Reoccurring Problem

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Weight Loss In many first world countries, obesity is a reoccurring problem. According to the National Institutes of Health, around two thirds of the United States population is obese and of that fraction, six percent are morbidly obese. Many factors lead to Americans becoming overweight, such as foods with high fructose and fat being more affordable than fruits or vegetable and people not being as active as the energy building up inside of them. The unhealthy lifestyle is promoted every day as a people drive down the interstate or turn on the television and sees billboards and commercials for McDonalds, Burger King, and Culvers. People have come to realize how cheap and quick these alternatives stand compared to a home cooked meal. As the…show more content…
No matter how or when someone became overweight, many options are available to overcome the luggage one carries around. In order to lose weight one can count his or her bites, participate in physical activity, and/or drink more water and eat less food. How to shed weight and keep it off is a popular topic. New and improved ideas are presented frequently, some of these options are healthy and others can harm people due to the lack of proper nutrients. An idea introduced by John West, a professor of health sciences at Brigham Young University, suggest to count each bite a person takes may increase chances of losing weight. This proposal recommends people to track the amount of chews or swallows they take, and record it after each meal or snack. By taking notes on what one eats helps people become more aware of what they are eating. The research done by Professor West show participants lost and average of 3.5 pounds per month. This practice is an alternative to calorie counting and is less likely to work if most of the bites are junk food. Although counting each bite one takes seems time consuming, a person does not have to do much to simply lose weight. One of the most popular and well known pieces of advice regarding weight loss is to work out. This method is what I personally do when I feel like losing a couple pounds or I when I miss the toned body I had in high school. For some people exercise comes easy
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