Obesity: A Threat to American Citizens

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This struggle cuts across many of the food manufactures, restaurant chains as well as chefs and all the people and organizations related to the food industry. Peoples' feeling tend to be really mixed up. Fatness is always a situation that may be loathed and on the other hand a condition to be accepted by some, though it can be a medical contagion, it as well tends to be somebody's choice of lifestyle. It is a condition which is defined by body mass index, coercive fashion or self esteem. At some point it can be addressed as dark shadow cast by poor eating habits in the U.S. that is now haunting the citizens of U.S. This state of obesity tends to be known by almost every person. It has been approximated that two thirds of adults from America are always obese or overweight at any given time and this applies to 25% of children from America. When an individual become overweight, there are high chances of the person to be being attacked by heart diseases, diabetes as well as other many life- threatening ailments. It has become more serious, that it has even been named as number one health problem in U.S by National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Because of it being a threat to the citizens of America, as there is still increase of weight, the question that is on the lips of everyone is who is to be blamed? Is the blame on the…
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