Essay Obesity: Americans Need to Change Their Way of Life

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The United States is known world wide for being the land of opportunity. In the 'land of opportunity', why is it that the people are so overly concerned with everything in their lives that they apparently do not take care of their precious bodies? Why does the wealthiest country in the world act so carelessly when it comes to healthy eating and staying fit?

The United States of America has an obesity rate of 65%, which is 22% higher than the rest of the world (Jamison). This striking statistic is mainly due to the overall way of life of Americans compared to the less spoiled countries around the world. Americans desperately need to change their ways of life so the obesity rate can shrink and the people can become healthier.
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Later in these children?s lives, these adolescents have extremely inactive lives which causes them to become even fatter. Young children at that age in other countries are out and about with their friends, running around or even working, while staying healthy. American parents need to do a better job in producing healthier, more active children.

In the 1980?s, when Americans were much leaner, children were pushed and guided towards being active. Instead of spending all day Saturday inside watching television, kids were playing games with friends. Calories were burnt off while running around instead of building into mounds of fat. Physical education in school was also mandatory. Schools now spend all their time and money in preparing students for standardized tests that physical education is beginning to disappear. This cuts out another 5-8 hours a week of activity from a child?s life (Ryan).

Adults in the United States are obese also because of the new modern lifestyle. The majority of modern day jobs in the United States are focused around desks and computes with very little emphasis on physical activity. While Americans sit in their air conditioned offices, snacking away while typing on a computer, most other people around the world are working hard outside burning calories. Due to the lack of activity by Americans, calories are built up and stored as fat, helping Americans to become
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