Obesity Among Minorities Essays

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Erick Cueva AP LANGUAGE Mrs. Finco February 2, 2014 Obesity among American minorities I am going to discuss the issue of obesity among American minorities. Elma Dieppa, cousin of Helen Casillas, still wonders if her beloved family member would be alive today if she had been more conscious of her weight contribution to her diabetes. "She refused to take care of herself by not watching what she consumed or finding time during her day to exercise," Dieppa explains, reminiscing her as the “life of the party” during family reunions. At the age of 44, Casillas unfortunately suffered a fatal heart attack. Although Casillas worked in the medical field, the perception of her disease was skewed believing that she was not in fact over…show more content…
There are various pressing factors that contribute to overweight Latino children. Latino adolescents find few options for physical activity out of class. Some areas have limited access to parks, playgrounds, and other recreational areas, making it difficult for them to be active and maintain a healthy weight. Schools are also contributing to the issue. A majority of today’s Schools sell high-fat, high-sugar snack foods and beverages in vending machines and school stores. These malicious foods are easier to come by and cheaper, appealing more to the developing minds of students. Schools have been known to lack access of healthy foods, such as fresh produce, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products (Latino Childhood Obesity). Marketers are also a huge contribution to the rise in obesity among the Latino youth. About 74 percent of kid-targeted food and drinks ads on television promote foods in the lowest nutritional category (Ramirez). Young children are affected more by food advertisements, especially fast foods. Fast food commercials advertise toys with the purchase of a kid’s meal that appeals to young kids. Also, restaurants use cartoon advertisement, like Ronald McDonald, to encourage children to want to go there, increasing their intake of high calorie and Tran’s fat food. Giant playgrounds, along with the cartoons and toys, grasp the attention of
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