Obesity And Depression : A Study On The Obese, Depressed, And Healthy Population

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Research Approaches
Specific Aim 1
Specific Aim 1 is to perform a longitudinal study on the population to compare the obese, depressed, and healthy population. This aim will test the hypothesis that Obesity and Depression have a correlational relationship. We will be accomplished by observing the entire population of Birmingham and grouping each individual with regards to age, sex, ethnicity, history of Single Major Depressive Disorder (MDD-S)(determined by the Composite International Diagnostic Interview test (CIDI), Repetitive Major Depressive Disorder (MDD-R)(determined by the CIDI test), Body Mass Index(BMI), Body Fat Percentage(BFP), and dietary habits. We will perform a continuous study with the developments of subject’s psychological and physical health being recorded over the course of 2 years.
Rationale and Preliminary Data
This method is preferable as it is strong evidence of a connection between the two ailments. It is also a large enough study to eliminate a majority of variables which could affect an individual’s likelihood to develop either condition. Our results will reveal that the development of MDD-R is increased in obese subjects and that depressed and obese subjects are more likely to develop poor eating habits during depressive relapses that can lead to an increase in obesity. Thus, success will be determined by statistical confirmation of significance of a relationship between the two ailments.
Due to the large population size, very little can cause…

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