Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity

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Obesity in America is a health issue which needs to be addressed, but many do not realize that obesity is an issue that needs to be addressed in more ways than one. Because Americans are not knowledgeable in the issue of obesity, many in society view obese people as unhealthy and irresponsible and treat them with disrespect. How to overcome and prevent obesity, its causes, and different treatments are all ways that obesity needs to be addressed; however, the disrespect towards those who are obese is another significant reason why obesity must be confronted. Misconceptions of obesity have led to prejudice towards the obese; therefore, comprehensive education of obesity is needed to reveal a downfall of civility evident in weight stigma and discrimination related to obesity. For years, obese people have dealt with discrimination and stigma related to their weight. One example of this is a YouTube video posted by comedian Nicole Arbour entitled “Dear Fat People.” Throughout this video, Arbour rants about fat people, fat shaming, and obesity. She blames people and their bad choices for their obesity and speaks brutally to them. She states in her video, “Fat shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up.” She also asks obese people, “Are you going to tell the doctor that they’re being mean and fat shaming you when they tell you, you have (explicit) heart disease?” Arbour’s video is just one example of the stigma related to weight that people experience.
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