Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity

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Approximately 17% of children in the United States have been diagnosed as obese (Prevention, 2011). Although the prevalence of obesity has plateaued in the most recent years, the amount of children who are obese is still higher than what is desired. These obesity rates are alarming due to the effect it will have on them and their healthcare. As more children are diagnosed with obesity, the more children increase their risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and insulin resistance later as adults (Newby, 2007). This should come as alarm to parents and caregivers alike. Uncontrollable risk factors Children who are obese are faced with uncontrollable factors that can lead them down this road. The Six- C’s model contains six major factors that are probably causation of childhood obesity; which include cell, child, clan, community, country, culture (Dev et al., 2013). The factors that will focused on in this review of literature will be,child; this entails sleep duration, and energy intake, clan; which focuses on the family dynamics and how parents affect their child’s weight (Dev et al., 2013). Trying to find the cause of childhood obesity starts at looking who and what gives theses children the ability to become obese. The ‘child’ factor presented in the Six- C’s model entails sleep duration, energy intake, and BMI (Dev et al., 2013). In an article discussing risk factors that lead to obesity in children, Dev et al. hypothesized that sleep deprivation is a main cause to

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