Obesity And Its Effects On Today 's Society

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One of the biggest problems in America today is the amount of people who are living obese. There is much controversy that is surrounding this topic because it is one’s health that is at stake. Scientist’s and medical professionals suggest that obese people have a higher risk of developing coronary heart disease and other conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, and the list just keeps going on. Some of the reasons that more and more people are becoming overweight in today’s society is for starts, the prices of unhealthy foods at supermarkets and fast food restaurants. The healthier food options are much more expensive than the unhealthy options. If someone wanted to go to a McDonalds to buy a cheeseburger for…show more content…
A perfect example is at the fitness center True Glory Crossfit, many people come in with the right mindset of getting fit, and they do. So there are definitely ways out there, people just have to take the first step.I am strongly against the issue of obesity because there are plenty of opportunities out there such as spending the extra dollar to have the healthier meal, having more resources to younger children to instill in them healthier ways, and going to the gym, getting out of your comfort zone, so let’s make America healthy. Now as we all know the topic of obesity is no joke, so first things first, what exactly is obesity? The official medical definition of obesity is the condition of being grossly fat or overweight. (The Experts). There are no laws that go along with being obese since it is infact an actual medical condition. But there are some rules and regulations that public places may put into place, such as an airline company that may make an overweight person purchase two tickets for the convenience of the other people around them. The same actions can and will be implemented at public places such as the movie theatre, or on buses and trains. (Reimer, Susan). To conclude whether a person is obese or not, medical professionals use a tool called the BMI or more commonly know as a body mass
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