Obesity And My 600-Pound Life

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Obesity: The Bigger Issue People make decisions everyday. Whether their decisions are good or bad there are consequences for everything we do. Obesity is not only displayed through individual's thoughts, actions, and emotions, but is shown often in movies, television, and various books. In the television series, My 600-Pound Life, many overweight people who have usually had struggles with different things through their lives are going to see a doctor to try and help them with their situation to lose enough weight to become eligible for a surgery to get rid of a large amount of weight. Once the doctor tells them how much weight they must lose to be able to do the surgery, it’s up to the individual to put in the work and lose the weight to…show more content…
There once was a time when obesity was mainly caused by fast food. Fast food used to harm everyone from the young to the old. Fast Food was displayed through television commercials, different movies with the names of fast food restaurants, and even ads in newspapers. But, perhaps the most influential way of spreading obesity was by seeing other people eat whatever they want. This led to a chain reaction of people watching others eat something unhealthy, then they would do the same thing. This is shown from times going to back to 1950s when there wasn’t as many fast food restaurants as they are now in 2017. As more people started to try fast food restaurants, they started to like them and that caused many more people to start trying them which therefore increased the amount of stores in the U.S. from 30,000 to over 230,00 in just a few decades (“Fast”). Despite the fact that fast food chains have increased over the past few decades, many other situations imply it’s not only Fast Food’s fault. There is no definite answer to why people are obese; however, many habits have alluded to the point that obesity is caused by many different problems people face (“Why”). Being overweight is defined through BMI: Body Mass Index of 25 kg m-2 and obesity results when the BMI is over 30 kg m-2. So, because of the rapid increase in obese people in the United States, scientists believed that there would start to be a…show more content…
People think that they can eat whatever they want and not feel the effects of what they're eating. From a lack of education, to a genetic disorder, or maybe even a too big of portion, obesity is formed in different ways that can affect someone to a point of being fatal (Nakaya). But, this brings up the question, is it Fast Foods problem? Is the consumption of fast food the only reason people become overweight, or is there other things that play a part in the pounds people put on? The main cause to obesity is defined as the people’s choice. Obviously, it’s up to a person’s mind to choose what they do. Everyone has options to either do this or do that so people can choose to eat at home, pick healthier meals, or even if someone stills wants to eat out, do it occasionally. It’s up the person to do what they want to
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