Obesity And Obesity Among Hispanic And African American Communities

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Diabetes and Obesity Name Institution Diabetes and Obesity Abstract There exists a close relationship between diabetes and obesity. The two conditions have troubled the global sector, leading to numerous deaths and excessive expenditure. This study evaluates the relationship between exercise/diets with obesity and diabetes among Hispanic and African American populations. The two communities face challenges of contracting diabetes and obesity owing to their lifestyle. There is much to compare among the African American and Hispanic people as far as their culture and observance of healthy living are concerned. The study also presents a future projection of the issues that need addressing to mitigate obesity and…show more content…
African Americans The most notable problem that has intensified the problem of diabetes and obesity among African Americans is diet. The trajectory of African American lifestyle is characterized by misfortunes rendering their dietary situation vulnerable (Borrell&Samuel, 2014). From the historical factors that led to their presence in the foreign country, the Africans were subjected to a diet that was not friendly to their health. Used as machines by their masters, Africans found their eating habits in a cultural framework that emphasized on proteins to make them energetic and able to work. Therefore, the unprecedented subjection to unbalanced diet started from the moment they set foot on the new land. According to Heuman, Scholl, & Wilkinson (2013), unavailability of healthy food and the destitute amount of resources to secure healthy eating has been inimical to healthy living among African Americans. Indeed, owing to the poor economic background, most Africans rely on fast food outlets and takeaways that comprise unhealthy and chemical-induced meals concentrated with calories and fats. The current state of African American health is sickening. The manifestation of sedentary lifestyle multiplies the problem of leading to detritions of health (Sucher, Kittller, &Nelms, 2016). Although this state is real among all populations in the United

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