Obesity And Obesity : Consumers Of The Food Industry

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The Reasons for Overweight and Obesity: Consumers of the Food Industry Over the last decade, overweight and obesity rates have more than doubled in amount and the disaster only keeps getting worse as the years go by. In order to combat this epidemic, multiple health and fitness organizations invent various miraculous solutions that promote weight loss, expansions on exercise, and healthy eating with the intention to ultimately eradicate the overweight and obesity in the world. However, a significant and overlooked factor that contributes to the failure of this goal and the never-ending continuity of this issue is the decision for individual consumers to purchase unhealthy foods and eat excessive amounts of them. The blame for overweight and obesity is often heavily placed on the multitudinous food industries that create and promote multiple unhealthy and processed foods for the mass population to purchase. However, there exist many more reasons and evidence that prove that the individual consumers are truly responsible for the ongoing epidemic of the planet. In order to validate that individual consumers definitely play a role in the epidemic of overweight and obesity, it is necessary to state that the entire system that is established by the food industries completely relies on the support and investment of individual people to thrive and succeed. The entire process functions as a cycle in which the food industries create foods and products that people want to purchase,
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