Obesity And The Mass Media Essay

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A. Reflecting on the papers you have done in Population Health, what topics have inspired you the most?
The topics that interest me are health ethics, indigenous health, and mental health.
B. In what area of Population Health can you see yourself working as a health professional in future? What topic in this field interests you the most?
The area I see myself working in are district health boards, management of hospitals, or implementing/developing health systems. The topic in these fields that interests me is mental health.
C. What in particular would you like to know about the topic so that you can resolve a problem, an issue or unknown?
I am particularly interested in the contributors to eating disorder, for instance, the relationship between eating disorders to bullying, the media, social environments, and so forth.
D. What is your topic about?
The research topic is about bulimia and the mass media. The topic will relate to the mental health of female adolescents. There is no set geographic location nor would timeframe for the literature review as I felt it be too constraining.
E. What methods (e.g. interviews, surveys, observations, obtaining statistical data, etc.) could be used to investigate the issue/problem?
There are several methods that could be used such as observational or longitudinal studies over a period of time, or by using surveys, and focus groups.
F. My research question is:
What effects does bulimia and the mass media have on female adolescents
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