Obesity And The United State Of America

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"Obesity in United State of America."
One can imagine how obesity is taking over the world 's population, so rapidly and it is obvious that the United States of America has high rates of Obesity. Obesity, also known as overweight, is a serious epidemic disease that can cause harm to the systems of the body including the heart. Obesity is the biggest threat to the United State of America 's population and something urgent has to be done, otherwise our future generation is at stake. the parent of U.S kids should be aware that obesity is affecting health, has national consequences, and lead to depression in the victims. If something is not done fast to alter this misfortune, there is a high percentage that our future generation is at stake.
Moreover, Obesity is a vital root of many life-threatening diseases, like diabetes type 2, high blood pressure and even strokes. Most people who are obese are often associated with type 2 diabetes because obesity can cause resistance to insulin that produces the hormone to regulate sugar in the blood. Malnutrition motivates obesity whereby producing a lot of cholesterol, which closes up the bloodstream in the body, causing high blood pressure the process by which the heart is not able to pump the blood needed by the body. All this threaten the life of Americans and can lead to early death. Most obese Americans seem as if they do not care about what they eat nor drink. Their greatest concern about what they consume is fast food because they…

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