Obesity And The United States

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Obesity is an issue that has been growing constantly in the United States. Due to the growing number of fast food restaurants and everything becoming more and more convenient to the human race, the population has been gaining an abundance of weight over the last several decades. The United States has the highest obesity rate among all of the countries in the world. The rates of obesity for each individual state in the United States all exceed 20 percent (Adult Obesity). Gary Stocklaufer, was a married man that was certified by the state to be a foster parent. Gary and his wife had been foster parents to a child of the family for three months when they filed the papers to adopt him. The judge did not allow Gary and his wife to adopt the child because of Gary’s weight; which at the time was between 500 and 600 pounds. The reason the judge had denied them the right to the adoption was because Gary was obese and he was likely to die at an early age due to a serious disease. The judge had stated the he was authorized to take into consideration the welfare and what was best for the child. A legal defense fund was started by the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) and the case was soon appealed. The judge ended up reversing his previous ruling because during the whole situation, Gary had gastric bypass surgery and lost 200 pounds. Gary’s story is only one of several stories where a person has been denied the right to adopt due to their weight (Grison, Heatherton,

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