Obesity Become Worldwide Health Problem With Increasing Numbers Of Overweight And Obese Individuals With The Time

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1.0 Introduction: Recently, Obesity become worldwide health problem with increasing numbers of overweight and obese individuals over the time. Obesity can be linked with higher risk of suffering from different chronic diseases such as, type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease (NHS Choices, 2014). Therefore, there was interest in eating strategies to suppress appetite and facilitate weight maintenance. There were some evidence showed that increase vegetables and fruits daily intake may lead to increased fullness and satiety which help with weight management or may be losing weight by having effects on appetite. Whereas, the consumption of fruits as a drink may be lower satiation and ineffective (Houchins, 2012; Ello-Martin and…show more content…
The objectives of this experiment include: 1. Recruit 8 healthy non-smoking age group between 19 to 28 years adult volunteers to a two arm cross-over design study. 2. Volunteers consume 125 kcal before ad libitum test breakfast either drink apple juice (271 ml) or solid apple (280g). 3. Conduct an experiment to investigate the acute effect of fruit juice and solid fruit on appetite, energy intake and feeling of fullness or hunger. 2.0 Materials and Methods: 2.1 STUDY DESIGN: As it has been mentioned in the objectives above the practical was designed as a two arm cross-over study. In this study type participants have one treatment and then after a gap called a washout period, cross-over to the other treatment. In this experiment one treatment is fruit juice and the other is solid fruit. o Fruit juice = 125 kcal as apple juice (Sainsbury 's pure apple juice 271 ml) o Solid fruit = 125 kcal as pealed apple segments = (280 g) Ad libitum test breakfast meal = toast with jam and/or butter (one glass of water) plus cornflakes with semi-skimmed milk. The way of presenting this test meal that provided to each participant as the following: • A bottle of one liter semi-skimmed milk • One box of cornflakes • 6 slices of toast; each slice cut into 4 pieces • Jam and Moderate excess
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