Obesity : Becoming An Epidemic Problem Essay

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Feeling of sadness, depression, anger and frustration, going into a fitting room and trying a pair of jeans and have them not fit me. I asked every day how did I allow myself to get this fat. Not eating healthy foods, sleeping all day after school, and not being psychically active were the reasons why I got obese. Being overweight was the careless path I chose to go at the time, until I decided to lose weight and start eating right, staying active and being aware. It completely changed my views on the serious epidemic problem we face today in the united states with obesity. Obesity has become an epidemic problem in the U.S. Obesity is the condition of being very fat, The difference between being overweight and being obese is that being overweight means that a person is above a weight that is considered normal and healthy, but if they gain more weight it could possibly put them in the obese category. It is all measured by BMI, which stands for “body mass index” (About Adult BMI). BMI relates Body Weight to height, there are other Castro 2 methods but this one are more commonly used, it helps people determine whether they are at a healthy or unhealthy weight. Typically a BMI that is more than 30 falls in the obese stage and numbers between 25 and 29 would put them in the category of being overweight, any number less than 25 is considered to be at a healthy weight. Recently there was an article on NBC news, stating that the obesity in America hits a new high, it just keeps
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