Obesity Can Play A Significant Role In The Quality Of Life

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Obesity can play a significant role in the quality of life of an individual. Unfortunately, obesity rates are steadily increasing for both adults and children. In the United States, the percentage of those adults who were obese according to Ogden et al. (2015), for the years 2013-2014, was 37.7%, in stark contrast to those in 1999-2000, which was 30.5% of adults. Also alarming is the trends for our youth population which was 17.2% for 2013-2014, and 13.9% for the years 1999-2000 (Ogden et al. 5). Arguing the need for education to the general public on how the numbers can be curved, is essential. There are several factors that can lead an individual to becoming obese. In order to determine where one can begin in their approach to…show more content…
According to an article found in the Journal of Practical Nursing (2009), people who are inactive are more likely to gain weight, because they don’t burn up the calories that they take in from food and drinks. An inactive lifestyle also raises the risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer, and other health problems (‘Causes of Overweight and Obesity’ 7). Career can also play a role in an individual’s lifestyle. Many positions nowadays are sedentary ones, where an individual is positioned in front of a computer, such as IT positions, bank positions, and clerical work. There are some positions that are not as sedentary such as construction work, working in healthcare, or even working on cars; these positions though can be quite demanding and less sought after. One of the leading concerns for our obesity rate is the diet that we consume. As there is an increasing amount of fast food restaurants available there seems to also be increasing rates of individuals that are obese. This may be due to the fact that for a majority of food items that are available in these restaurants the fat content is quite high. For a majority of individuals their choice of food items may not always be catering to their taste buds, but it may be for convenience. Those employed during odd hours may be tempted to snack on quick foods that may not be nutritious. Many individuals do not have
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