Obesity Comes With Psychological Effects Essay

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Obesity Comes With Psychological Effects Matthew Nusbickel Caledonia - Mumford High School Abstract This paper discusses the theory that in some way, shape, or form every person who is medically considered obese or believes they are obese will be affected negatively. Many articles used in this paper have shed light to what some of the effects of being obese are. Disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and misleading body image are all psychological issues faced by obese people each and every day (At Risk For Eating Disorders, 2013, Sep 30). This paper examines how people react to these psychological differences and if they are even aware their psyche is being affected. Introduction There have been many studies and tests to determine if being obese has a major effect on the psyche. Some studies showed there are many different responses and psychological effects that vary from person to person. Most of the research that has been done shows that most obese people have some type of psychological stumbling block that an average person does not typically have to struggle with. An obese person is going to experience psychological effects whether they know it or not. Some effects are very obvious such as wanting to lose weight so much where they develop an eating disorder (At Risk For Eating Disorders, 2013, Sep 30), or very subtle like a food addiction that the person may not even know they have (Jayson, 2012, Aug 02). Discussion In

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