Obesity : Depression And Anxiety

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Kavin Pitre
Karyn Lipsey
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March 6, 2015

Obesity Caused by Depression and Anxiety

Obesity was found to increase the risk of developing depression and anxiety (Robinson). Some causes of Obesity are genetic, overeating, mental disorder and medication. Obesity comes along with many health risk such as depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes as well as cancer. The effects of Obesity can vary from person to person. It can affect the daily activity or life by causing stress, lack of exercise or inactivity. Causes of obesity vary depending on the person. Some people it is genetic for them to be a little bigger. Then you have the ones who gorge themselves in food. Even some medications can affect the body, such birth control. Many teenage girls and young women gain excessive amounts of weight due to birth control. When dealing with people who genetically obese it is best to catch that gene at a young age so that the child’s physician can help the parents before it too late. Dr. Thomas H. Inge says, “Most people understand that the longer you carry the weight, the higher the chances of developing heart disease and diabetes. But, it seems than an even larger number of conditions should be added to the list of health problems that some obese teenagers will likely face down the road,” (Obesity Statistics). Many things occurred and were discovered as Dr. Inge and his team did studies on obesity. “ Dr. Inge and his team found that obesity in teenage years were…
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