Obesity Essay

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As of today, the United States has the mortifying title of being the most overweight nation in the world yet is one of the wealthiest countries. One third of the population is obese and another third is declared overweight. The 1970’s was the kickoff to a major health decline that would soon demolish a wide range of citizens. Obesity and obesity related diseases, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance are now at the highest rates recorded. Portion sizes have expanded and processed food has become the norm to fulfil American’s cravings. Families have gone from being a two parent family to mostly single parent families. It is said that the current population of 18 to 26 year olds have the ability to fix a…show more content…
This only further impacted the serving of box meals which would lead to the epidemic of unhealthy eating within the home. In the 1980’s, high fructose syrup (corn syrup), a new ingredient was added to the food processing industry that would soon become ubiquitous. Corn Syrup would replace sugar due to the rising cost of trade restrictions and inexpensive price of corn. With such popularity and success, corn syrup became known to all companies which produced processed foods. These companies focused on making a profit at the expense of the customers’ health and the long term effects it would have on them. Furthermore, these same companies began to increase portion sizes. A regular sized meal became supersized to enhance sales while giving people what was considered worth the money paid. What today’s society knows as a small portion was considered large prior to the 1980’s. Within a short period of time, there was a huge shift sizes that would have a devastating impact on the next generations. The state of inevolvement was undergoing too quickly and needed to be fixed while actions were not normalized just yet. In the 1990’s people began to recognize the problem of unhealthy eating habits. The average American was not aware of the ingredients nor the additives in the foods being consumed much less how these foods were made. The government took action, began to speak up to increase awareness. From what started as just listing the most
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