Obesity Has Been A Problem In America For Multiple Years.

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Obesity has been a problem in America for multiple years. Obesity rates in the United States are going to increase 37% in the next twenty-five years (Pomeranz 2009). According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases 68.8% of adults are overweight or obese, one in every 20 people or 6.3% of adults have extreme obesity and 3 in every 4 males or 74% of males are obese (Overweight and Obesity 2009). Once someone comes to the realization that they are obese, it can be hard to turn their life around and lose some of that weight that is making them obese. Obesity can be the cause of multiple health related issues that Americans face. For example, obesity can cause type two diabetes, cardio metabolic disease,…show more content…
Children think that because their favorite character is eating McDonalds, then it is okay for them to eat McDonalds as well. Unfortunately, there are many other forms of marketing out there. For example, there is product placement, viral marketing, and sponsorships (Frechette 2015). Good marketing can include anything that has to do with fruits, vegetables, or being active. Unfortunately, you don’t see much of that on television. If Americans can change how they market to children and how they market food choices, then obesity can be managed better and children can live a longer life without the fear of diseases. Another factor when it comes to obesity is legal situations. The first two people to address how the law could change obesity were Mello, Brennan, and Gostin in 2006 (Pomeranz 2009). They suggested improving schools nutrition, activity, and health activity. Legal situations go hand in hand with marketing. Just like marketing, there can be good legal situations and bad legal situations. An example of a bad or failed legal situation is The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is responsible for food and drink commercials that are advertised on television (Kass 2007). In 1978 after the FTC was established, they proposed a rule called KidVid. This rule was made to protect children even more from television commercials. However, in 1981 congress put

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