Obesity: Improving Health Outcomes

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While exploring possible health issues and a population to focus on for my project, I was overwhelmed by the number of issues we are faced with everyday. I narrowed the search down to obesity and the population I would like to focus on is the adolescents. Health People 2010 identified overweight and obesity as one of the top ten leading health indicators that needs serious attention. Obesity has reached epidemic levels globally; being a significant threat to our own nation’s health. Adolescent obesity rates have more than tripled, as the adult obesity rate has doubled since 1980’s (Trust for America's Health, 2011a). It was interesting to learn of particular statistics and trends concerning adolescent obesity in our nation. Geographic…show more content…
It’s not easy growing up in today’s world as an adolescent. The psychological, physical, social, and environmental factors can have significant negative impacts on their health. During the adolescent phase it is a very “extraordinary plasticity” period (Steinbeck, Baur, Cowell & Pietrobelli, 2009, p. 2). These individual’s habits, attitudes, and physical morbidity develop during this phase. This establishes the pathway and blueprint that influence their long term health and wellbeing. When deciding what approach I would take when addressing this epidemic problem, I decided on health promotion and prevention. The two are so closely interrelated that it is hard to separate. However, health promotion and prevention also have over lapping boundaries with health management, marketing, community empowerment, and policy. In order to promote and prevent this epidemic, we need to rely on the policies (that regulate food and exercise in our schools and communities), the marketing (that promote and provide the tools to make our nation aware about this epidemic), and community empowerment (to support our nation about how to permanently change their lifestyles and way of thinking). I chose health promotion and prevention as it draws from the actions of these other elements. In order to be most effective, a system-wide approach
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