Obesity In African America Research Paper

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Obesity is a world wide problem, however for this paper I will focus on Obesity in America and from my previous paper focus on obesity in my family, other families and what causes people to become obese, whether is financial reasons, environmental reason and genes passed on by family members. I found an article written by Ellen Granberg, she earned a Ph.D. in sociology from Vanderbilt University in 2001. She wrote an article about obesity and weight gain, I chose her article because she doesn’t only focus on Obesity and weight gain but she also talks about African Americans and I consider myself an African American as I am from Africa an to read about obesity as it relates to African American it gives me a better understanding of why most of African Americans are obese. Ellen’s article starts with consequences of obesity; she states that, “In the early 1980’s…to be overweight was to be consigned to a diminished social status with negative consequences for mental health, social standing, and life…show more content…
In contrast, those residents living in the least advantaged areas had, on average, less than one high value major chain grocery store within three miles of their homes. Interestingly, the average count of premium stores was substantially higher in the most disadvantaged areas of the FACHS sample.” Her analysis is factual in Oakland we only have one wholefoods catering to everyone who leaves in Oakland, if you leave in West Oakland wholefoods is a couple of miles away and if you do no have a car you will have to go shopping with public transportation which gives people a more reason not to go as it would require them to take multiple buses to get to
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