Obesity In Latin America

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Obesity has become a worldwide problem with other health hazard effects of heart problems, cancer, and diabetes. The media is tackling the issue of obesity in the developing countries such as the Latin American countries in different ways arguing on what causes the problem, how the problem is spreading, how it has affected the economy and the victims and how it can be curbed (Webber, et al. 2012). This paper is aiming at outlining how the media is tackling obesity based on the different arguments made. Based on the datum that most of the people in the Latin America are developing and earning more money has led them to engage in bad eating habits that lead to obesity. The media through different researchers have found out that the…show more content…
It has also been noted that the people living in urban areas are more prone to the illness compared to those in rural areas. This is because the people in rural areas use a lot of energy while working on the farms and walk for longer distances as the infrastructure in these areas is poor plus they do not have access to so many junk foods (Aschner, 2016). The media at times have a negative influence on issue especially when it says that what you eat is your business (Balko, 2012) . It means people should eat what they want without caring about what other people will say or think about them. As much as what you eat is your business, people should consider the health effects of what they eat to avoid the obesity issue or other bad eating habits related diseases. The advertisements of snacks and junk foods tend to attract people making them forget the staple food from the firms and adopt the new food stuff. The advertisement of these snacks makes the school going kids to have cravings for them leading to addiction and later on to the deadly disease (Brown and Walsh-Childer, 2002)…show more content…
The victims require a lot of medical attention due to the other effects such as cancer and other related illnesses. The victims require close attention by the nurses and doctors hence using a lot of resources(Filozof et al. 2001). The fact that these people cannot work anymore and becomes minor moves the economy of the affected countries backward. A lot of resources are now being used to curb the problem, and if the strategies used does not work, more resources will be used preventing the growth and development of the Latin American
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