Obesity Paediatric Nursing Essay

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In this assignment, I will critically appraise obesity and reflect on the implications this has in paediatric nursing. I will consider government response to this issue and critically appraise the Obesity Plan, as well as discussing the recommendations from the bold and brave document prior to the plan. I will be reflecting on how this issue impacts upon children’s nurses now and in the future taking into consideration the impacts of policy implementation.

Obesity represents the largest failure on a worldwide scale. Obesity is a health condition, which is associated with additional fat collected in the body. The World Health Organisation (2015) states that Body Mass Index (BMI) consists of weight-height ratio; which is used to recognise underweight and overweight children and adults (Ryley, 2012). However, in children over the age of 5 this is a factor that is taken into account there age and gender. Healthcare professionals use the term percentile,
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Obesity is a health crisis amongst children and young people, which arises when there is a shortage in energy outflow and greater consumption of energy from food and drink; thus a build-up of excess fat is a result of this which indicates a risk to health (WHO,2015). Contributing factors increase in childhood obesity such as the availability of cheaper higher calorific food and physical inactivity (Marmot 2010). In addition the correlation between poor diet and obesity is evident from the figures released by the National Child measurement programme, which states that 22% children in year one in primary school are overweight or obese (Nutrition and Food Science 2011). Moreover, plummeting obesity in children is fundamental, as overweight or obese children are more likely to become obese adults (Bhadoria et al 2015) (Marmot,
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