Obesity In The Appalachians Essay

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Have you noticed obesity has become a big problem in the Appalachians? According to M. Wewers, "Nearly 44 percent of the Appalachian population is obese" (Herath 129). For those who struggle with obesity, it is not just having a little extra weight. When you are obese, you are more prone to heart disease, depression, and high blood pressure. In addition, obesity increases the risk of premature mortality (Herath 127). As the number of people who are obese increases, the nation becomes unhealthier. For some of the individuals who are obese, it is not about eating unhealthily or being lazy. For these individuals, they have a medical condition that causes obesity. The amount of obesity in the Appalachians is shocking; however, there are…show more content…
By encouraging the families to grow their own food; they may be healthier. While it may be asking a lot of families and come may say no one would do this. The families that were in need of food would be more than happy to grow a garden. If it meant food on the table for them. According to Jonathon Borak, Medical Doctor, "residents in rural Appalachia are more likely to consume less nutritious, more energy-dense diets (149). A garden would allow for families to be able to have a more nutritious meal.
The final solution would be to create free fitness programs in local counties. The programs would include free nutrition classes, workout classes, and childcare. The counties would use money raised by local businesses to support the program. Although the lack of physical activity and poor eating habits impact regional health (Borak 153). The programs would counter act this problem. The classes and childcare will be ran by volunteers to keep the cost at a minimum. Although some would not want to just get off the couch because it is free; others would jump at the chance to be healthy. There can be prizes also donated by local businesses as an incentive. It would be a program for the whole family.
I conducted a survey to see how aware others were with the raise in obesity. I gave out a ten-question survey to eight of my classmates. The results to these questions were both upsetting and shocking. One question asked whether respondents thought that the lack of healthier
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