Obesity Is A Disease Characterized By Excessive Body Fat

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Obesity is a disease characterized by excessive body fat. People who are medically obese usually are affected by behavior, genetic and environmental factors that are difficult to control with dieting. Obesity increases the likelihood of certain diseases especially cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. Obesity has become a pandemic nowadays. In the Indian scenario, even with the growing awareness about health and fitness, more than 3 percent (3 crores) of the Indian population is obese.
Our study aims to determine the association of BMIwith cardiac output, forearm and calf blood flow in healthy young male adults. Our results are consistent with our hypothesis.
Cardiac output was found to be significantly more in obese subjects compared to overweight and normal BMI group. Similar results were found in other studies too. Obese individuals have expanded central blood volume. In addition, stroke volume and cardiac output are both increased. These changes in blood volume and cardiac output are most likely due to the increased metabolic demand that result from increases in both lean and fat mass. The large fat depots in significant obesity produce a low-resistance vascular circuit that may further increase cardiac output. There may also be changes in renal absorption of salt and water. The combination of these factors is proposed to produce a form of volume overload which can give rise to high output failure later. [24][25]
Another study revealed that obese patients demonstrated

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