Obesity Is A Global Issue

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A steadily increase in childhood obesity has gained the awareness of everyone. Many are wondering that today 's obese children may turn into the generations next obese adults. Obesity is a global issue, and being knowledgeable of the causes is an affection way of prevention. Technology, foods, and genes all factor into the childhood obesity epidemic. For example, “McDonald 's even has toys in their food, increasing production and influencing students to eat it more” (Qtd. by Marcia). It is certainly helping increase trends. “The overall health didn 't increase in the US between 2010 and 2011( (United Health Foundation).” A child is considered obese when they are above or at the 95th percentile with his/her peers. Obesity puts children at risk for health problems down the road. Strokes, heart issues, etc. are many problems in connection with it. Adults of today were limited to the exposure of these problems. Easy/unrelented access technology, fast food, and genes have been major factors. “Also, nearly 60% of children use technology for three hours or more daily”(Qtd. by Marcia Clemmit).Using most of your day outside of school inactive is a major problem, and what 's worse, is that parents allow it as children are influenced by their actions. Also, genes are another factor as children maintain genes where they have no control of, increasing their chances of being obese further in life. In general, obesity is factored upon major things like technology, fast foods, and

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