Obesity Is A Growing Public Health Issue

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The following article was composed of a wellness program that consisted of a population of 109 participants and lasted 12 weeks. The program educated the participants on areas of nutrition and exercise while also providing them with support groups to help assist them with relapse prevention. The article begins by describing what obesity is and the prevalent causes. The article illustrates that obesity is a growing public health issue and that a solution needs to be found to counteract this problem. Certain statistics are thrown out such as the number of obese adults in the U.S. had increase from 23% to 32% in the span of 2003 to 2004 and that the lower portion of the socioeconomical status are more likely to be obese or overweight. This article states that long term success at losing weight is difficult and dropout rates in behavioral programs is up to nearly 50%. Another study is compared in this article in which participants were subjected to trials of the four most popular diets for a year and the results were recorded. The results showed that there was a low level of adherence to the programs in all of the diets. It is believed that the study would have been more successful if the participants had a choice in which diet they would partake in. This study builds off the previous study by stating the participants will be able to choose their diet plans and also have the choice to participate in an exercise program. These two factors were believed to help the level of…
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