Obesity Is A National Issue For Older Adults And Young Individuals

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In today’s society malnutrition has always been an issue for older adults and young individuals. There has been studies that have stated that older adults among young people are the most susceptible to having poor eating habits. Malnutrition alongside obesity is a national issue. There have been many programs that have been put in place to solve this issues. There are many programs that are created in order to provide assistance for older adult’s health and safe (Nutrition and Aging, 2016). Kowlessar, Robinson and Schur (2015) stated that, the Administration of Community of Living alongside the Aging Services Network has always made it their goal to help older adults who need help to stay within their homes safely and also in the…show more content…
According to, the Administration on Aging (2016) (AoA) there are many programs that have been created in order to make sure the wellness of older adults is well taken care of. The main goal of the OAA Nutrition Program is to ensure that there is reduction in hunger and to ensure that an individual is never in the need of food. The program helps to promote a social aspect for older adults. Alongside promoting a quality of life for older adults to ensure that their health and well–being is well taken care of. It helps to deferral opposing health conditions that are commonly found in older adults. The programs are approved under the Tittle IIIC of the Older Americans Act. The purpose of the guidelines is to provide older adults with healthy meals, education about going eating habits and nutritional advice, and lastly to provide counseling service for older adults. The programs are aimed for older adults that aged 60 or older that have more issues with social or economic needs. The program targets to help individuals that are of lower income status, minority older typical are the majority population that these programs are aimed toward. Many individuals from rural communities are usually the ones that use this service provided. Older adults who speaks little English are typically one’s that seek these programs and lastly older adults who
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