Obesity Is A Necessity For Life

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On common ground people can agree that food is a necessity to life. As a society we would be foolish not to acknowledge that food can also be harmful and lead to death. The food we fill our bodies with is a silent, but deadly factor that is causing an extreme increase in obesity. Obesity is a very touchy subject, for we neglect to voice our opinions in fear of offending someone, but the truth is when we fail to discuss the issue of obesity another human is in danger of falling prey to this disease. In order to make a change to benefit society, we must contemplate what is causing obesity in the first place. Because each and every person has different circumstances, it is not valid to blame all of obesity on one cause. For example, their are …show more content…

The processed food industry does not care about a rise in obesity, but rather altering our foods in order to satisfy our taste buds and keep us hungry. As a normal human being I understand that sometimes eating a twinkie or a small dessert is reasonable, for me personally it is hard to stop myself from eating more and more sugar. I learned recently that it may not just be my sugar tooth that causes these obsessions with candy or icecream, but rather the producers themselves. The processed food industry will stop at no cost to bring in more and more money for the company. One of the ways they continue to thrive is by altering our food to create a sense of addiction. Think about it, for most people have no addiction to bananas or cucumbers, this is because they are natural and have not been tampered with. On the other hand, most all sugar foods have been given extreme amounts of sugar in order to please our taste buds. The processed food market has realized the more sugar and fat they feed us, the more we are likely to buy the same products. All the while processed food is extremely cheap. This means that people who live in poverty may have no alternative than a McDonald’s meal. Eating healthy in 2017 will cost a pretty penny, for organic food can run up to triple the price of processed food. Because of this atrocity we must give business’ an ultimatum; they either lower the price of healthy natural foods, or we refuse to eat at

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