Obesity Is A Rising Concern

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Nowadays, an increasing number of countries have the same serious problem- Obesity, is a rising concern in our society today. This problem threatens people’s health slowly; the number of overweight or obese human has received more attention as the number has doubled in the last three decades. Worldwide obesity prevalence has been doubled from 1980 to present. There are many countries where the bug of obesity has killed many people. In 2014, six hundred million adults were obese. Almost one-third of the adults are overweight in developed countries (Henneberg and Grantham, 2014). Obesity is explained as having too much fat in the body that may damage ones’ health. To classify obesity in adults, a measurement tool named as BMI – Body Mass Index is used. If an individual’s body mass index exceeds 30 kg/m2, it means he or she is obese. There are several causes of obesity. Some examples are energy imbalance, increased consumption of energy-dense food, and decrease in daily exercise and physical activities. The current obesity epidemic is the outcome of the close relation between human culture and biology. In ancient times when an excess amount of energy was provided to the humans, they had the ability to store body fat. However, modern humans face food shortage and are engaged in different kinds of physical activities. Furthermore, humans have developed complex physiological and genetic systems, which protect them against starvation and protects deposited body fat. Technological

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