Obesity Is A Serious Problem

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The number of obese children now exceeds 25 percent in nearly two thirds of states. The rates of obesity in America have risen in the last thirty years, costing Americans, health, happiness, money, and productivity (“Obesity Is A Serious Problem” 12). This research paper will be telling you about arguments and opposing viewpoints about a growing epidemic in teens and adults, obesity. Currently this topic is very controversial about who is to blame the kids, the parents, or the advertising companies because the cost of food is so low and the advertisers are getting a lot of views due to the kids being less active. The biggest issue in my opinion is that the parents and children are not aware of all of the consequences and health risks they are putting not just themselves in but their children. With this paper it will bring out these issues so most of the parents especially have a better knowledge of this whole situation. Also, this paper will be discussing how advertising, fast food, cost/portion size, and better education about obesity. Obesity is a growing epidemic in teens and adults across the world especially America and people need more education about this epidemic. This is caused by advertising, fast food and the cost/ portion sizes of it. Advertising for any kind of food that someone likes is bad for the viewer because it is usually unhealthy food and this leads to an increase in sales of that type of food and eventually leads to obesity. The fast food industry and…
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