Obesity Is A Threat For Global Health

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Introduction: Obesity is a major disease which has become a global problem, there are more than 250 million people have body mass index more 30. Obesity is being major concern of the people as it leads to stroke and heart attack. This figure is being spread worldwide thus this has become of the major concerned for world health. The prevalence of the concerned disease is high in number around the world. This disease has become concern of both developing and developed countries which has raised the challenge for the health authorises. What is the nature of the problem: Obesity is the extra body fat, obesity has become a threat for global health? Reynolds et al. (2013) state obesity is the disease in which the infected person has extra …show more content…

(2011), the chronic diseases are highly responsible for shortening life of most of the people. Chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke, and heart diseases, HIV / Aids etc. are mostly caused in the countries with low income. Illiteracy, as well as, ignorance plays a major role in the spreading of these chronic diseases among the people. Such deadly diseases mostly trap those people who are ignorant about the disease, or the reasons that can cause the disease. Moreover, such people are ignorant of the fact how to undertake the treatment of such diseases. What factors contribute to it: Some of the factors inflicting the chronic disease obesity in any human are as follows: Lifestyle: Unhealthy Diet of the people: There are huge numbers of chronic diseases such as heat diseases, obesity, diabetes etc. Many factors or reasons cause these hazardous diseases to occur. This is the most important factor that inflicts the person with obesity, is the lifestyle of the person. Some of the genetic factors are also the important for the cause of obesity. If the parents or the previous generation was inflicted by obesity, then there are huge chances for the patient to be inflicted with obesity. The people those who are not concerned about their diet, and they prefer food elements, which lack potential number of vitamins, proteins and other beneficial nutritious elements, are prone to obesity. Along with it, lack of exercise among the people is also an

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