Obesity Is Defined As A Disorder

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Obesity is defined as a disorder resulting in excessive amount of body fat. In today’s society, obesity seen in the adolescent population has vastly increased from previous years. As a result, many health issues, such as diabetes, are now more common to see in adolescents. Due to the increasing numbers who suffer from obesity, it is important to treat and advise adolescents about healthy living and encourage them to be more active to decrease the risks of severe health issues they may face when entering adulthood. Causes of adolescent obesity vary from genetic causes to poor eating habits. Other causes include overeating, lack of physical activity, a family history of obesity, medical conditions, such as endocrine or neurological issues, medications, such as steroids or psychiatric medications, increased levels of stress, low self-esteem, or depression. (“AACAP”) It is also impelled by the increased social media can also lead to obesity, with increased television time, computer games, and cellphone use, all of which result in decreased physical activities. Adolescents affected by obesity have physical factors that lead to excessive body fat including increased insulin levels, elevated lipid and lipoprotein levels, and elevated blood pressures. Other factors resulting in obesity include excessive intake of high energy foods, inadequate amount of exercise, more sedentary lifestyle, or a low metabolic rate. (“URMC”) Symptoms of obesity can present as disproportionate facial…
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