Obesity Is Increasing Around The World And How The Government Should Take Responsibility

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Title A Introduction “The term “obese” is used for every overweight person who has a high percentage of body weight”. Obesity is defined when a person has 20% higher body fat than an average person. Obesity in many ways causes negative effects on health such as difficulties in breathing and difficulties in walking this is because the body accumulates fat that the body cannot handle. However, the body mass index is measured in two ways, which are the height and weight of a person to see if that individual is underweight, average, or overweight or obese. To know and understand how a person is obese is by the BMI body. If a body BMI is between 25 to 29.9 they are considered overweight but if the person is above 30 is classified as obesity. In this essay, I will explain how the level of obesity is increasing around the world and how the government should take responsibility and to what extend do I think the government should take action to the situation. I will also evaluate the importance of the state interference in helping the popularity maintain a healthy body. I will talk about two different countries (Qatar and UK) as a strategy to complete my research. Situation Cause of Obesity: Obesity could be caused by each individual’s lifestyle, comparing this generation to the older; you could see the difference of the majority of the obesity and the body shapes of people. In this era, as humans we intend depend on cars, washing machine, dishwashers and hoovers, these
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