Obesity Is No Jigsaw Puzzle

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Cause of Obesity is no Jigsaw Puzzle “A public health group called last week for Governor Gray Davis to declare childhood obesity a state of emergency and take immediate steps to reduce. But while the California center for public health advocacy proposes some worthy ideas, the foundation might be aiming at the wrong target.” (Weintraub 1). Weintraub along thousands of Americans argue that parents are at fault for their children’s ever growing bellies and expanding waistlines, while that may be very true there are other factors leading up to child obesity. There are many social influences that affect obesity including fast food advertisements and a lack of self- responsibility. In the article,” If You Pitch It, They Will Eat It”, it states that since nineteen eighty the number of obese children has more than doubled to sixteen percent. Many are blaming schools for their lack of consistent physical education programs but in all honesty it is because of the ever growing fast food companies via the “proliferation of electronic media” (Barboza 4). Just about everywhere you go your bound to come across some type of fast food restraunt. From McDonalds to Taco-bell, Quiznos, Wendys, Jack-In-the-box, you name it, they got it! It seems like fast food companies purposely dominate areas so that it would be easier to attract a lot of costumers. Besides the fact that fast food companies are everywhere, they’ve made sure that
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