Obesity Is Not Only An Individual Issue

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Americans are expecting more from everything whether it be materialistic items or more consumable items. With this demand, we are seeing the average dinner plate has increased in size from a ten-inch dinner plate to a twelve-inch dinner plate. Americans are filling their plates and have been raised with the basic fallacy that they need to clear their plates and finish even when they are feeling full. When in reality what they need to do is eat a balanced meal and not indulge in too many calories. The current trend in America for food is that it be quick and easy when these items are high in calories and low in nutritionally sufficient ingredients. Obesity is not only an individual issue this is also a community issue. The American…show more content…
It not only breaks down just caloric intake that is needed but it also states the amount of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy; it also states what to keep sodium, added sugar and saturated fats under. If more American’s used this free service in place from the government then they would be less likely to over eat or not be confused on what to eat or how to eat it. The general public needs to be very aware of all types of eating disorders and how to spot them. One of the problems with obesity is that it can lead to a binge eating disorder. While binge eating is a mental disease and needs to resolved with professional help, the largest problem is recognition without shame. Many obese people will feel shame with their binge eating and not likely to seek help but with the right support system they can get the help that they need. Binge eaters should seek cognitive therapy to help resolve the base of the problem to resolve the obesity issue (Hobson, 2009). It is well known that food provides emotional comfort. When a person is bored, lonely or sad they can sometimes seek the emotional comfort of food. It could be a snack in as little as an hour after dinner, this is not eating food to fulfill you but to make you emotionally full (Taub-Dix, 2012). To avoid this type of situation, water should be drank, postpone your snack for 20 minutes if it is not an actual need for food the craving should pass (Taub-Dix, 2012). For a long
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