Obesity Is The Fast Food Industry

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There is an issue in America, if not across all nations, which begs discussion. The issue plaguing society is the fast food industry. It matters not if you are young, old, rich or poor; the fast food industry is almost impossible to ignore in this era. One may raise the question of what exactly is fast food. Merriam-Webster defines defines fast-food as food “designed for ready availability, use, or consumption and with little consideration given to quality or significance” (1). Diving deeper into this issue beyond the significant lack of nutritional value, lies not only the consumption of fast food but also the constant bombardment of advertising society as a whole is exposed to. Think about it: how long can a person watch a popular television channel without seeing a commercial for a popular fast food chain? How long can one listen to a favored radio station without hearing about the latest and greatest hamburger? In addition, a person cannot spend much time on the internet without seeing an advertisement for fried chicken. The concept of the fast food industry and the tremendous effects their advertising schemes can have on our subconscious will be the main focus of this essay. In describing the history of the fast food industry, POSitive Magazine recounts that the concept may have originated in Ancient Rome with vendors focusing on the masses of people housed in crowded areas lacking room for personal food preparation. This idea made its way to America and
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