Obesity Is The Highest Percentage Of Obesity Among All Countries

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America has the highest percentage of obesity among all countries. This is not very surprising given that fast food restaurants can be found on nearly every block. These unhealthy foods are far less expensive and more convenient for many people. Though less people are paying less money for their food, the outcome is not worth it. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, it is predicted that the annual amount of money spent on obesity will hit $580 billion by 2030 if obesity continues to increase at this pace. The solution is to bring weekly farmers markets to low income areas.
The products will be sold for the same price as the products sold at fast food restaurants. This solution would provide adequate nutrition to the families, and eventually decrease the amount of money spent on the obesity epidemic in the United States. The farmers market will also provide job opportunities for those who need to make some money. It will keep a stable source of nutritious foods each week and demonstrate a healthy way of life that children and adolescents will carry with them for the rest of their lives. It is very important that the bad habits of poor nutrition are stopped at an early age to limit one’s health problems.
America is known for watching baseball games and eating hot dogs, absurd fried foods, and massive hamburgers that should be a serving for five, but is somehow acceptable as a serving for one. A list of the top eight unhealthiest foods in the world are all located
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