Obesity Is The Main Problem All Over The World

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In this modern era, Obesity is the main problem all over the world. Obesity is cause of increasing so many diseases in all stages of human life. Some types of foods and the Environment is also responsible for that. In this technological world, human replaces with machines which makes adversely effect on human health. People mostly depend on technologies and becoming lazy. Some people think that obesity is major health problem these days due to plenty of reasons. One the other hand, most of the people are against for that. According to French sociologist, philosopher, cultural theorist, political commentator, and photographer Jean Braudrillard, “The obese is in a total delirium. For he is not only large, of a size opposed to normal…show more content…
There are a number of reasons- why people become obese and many solutions to decrease obesity. Further, Junk foods and fast foods are main causes to increase obesity. Some parents do not know they kill their child by giving them junk food, because they do not know how to cook so just buy junk food. Although junk food is easier than cook, but a plenty of child become obese from junk food. Some companies wants to have a good business and put into too much sugar of food that they made, because nature taste not everybody like. From that, they say welcome to obesity, increase laziness and they also suffer from much type of diseases in their life. In fast foods the percentage of Cholesterol is very high, so it 's create many problems like high blood pressure, diabetes. According to American journalists and author Katie Couric, "In 1980 zero kids had been diagnosed with type 2 0diabetes. It used to be considered adult-onset diabetes. And then by 2010 it was close to 57,000." For instance, some people eat daily fast foods from Hungry Jacks, Mc Donald 's and some other Restaurants so these big organisations are responsible for obesity because these companies’ foods are not healthy. On other words excess use of electronic devices like, computers, video games, remote controls, washing machines, is also causing obesity in peoples. In this western era most of people are accepting the sitting lifestyle. Some decades ago shopping consisted of
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