Obesity Is The Silent American Murderer Essay

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cember 2017
Obesity: The Silent American Murderer
Obesity is the condition of being largely overweight. Rogan Kersh has a PHD in political science from Yale University and is also a professor at Yale University. Kersh says, “The continuing rise in obesity rates across the United States has proved impervious to clinical treatment or public health exhortation,” in his article, “The Politics of Obesity: A Current Assessment and Look Ahead” (Kersh). This quote shows that despite treatment, obesity is still prevalent in America. Many Americans are not aware of the prevalent issue of obesity; obesity is an expensive disease to treat, and it is also likely to lead to severe health implications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease,
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In fact, this scientific evidence proves that obesity can lead dangerous health infractures. Obesity is killing Americans. Gail Marchessault has a doctorate in the Department of Community Health Sciences and is a health writer and qualitative research consultant. In Marchessault’s article, “Is Latest Death Figure New Information? Obesity deaths may relate more to diet and activity,” she says, “The estimated number of annual deaths attributable to obesity among US adults is approximately 280,000, based on hazard ratios from all subjects and 325,000 based on hazard ratios from only non-smokers and never-smokers,” (Marchessault). This quote shows that obesity kills hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. How many more Americans will die before the issue of obesity is resolved?
Science and medicine researcher, Matthew Herper, discusses the expenses of obesity in his article, “The Hidden Cost Of Obesity.” He says, “The economic cost of all this extra fat is immense. Direct medical costs are easiest to calculate, coming in at $93 billion, or 9%, of our national medical bill,” (Herper). This quote shows that obesity is a costly disease and the expense of it is accumulating to billions of dollars in bills. Herper goes into even more detail about costs when he discusses the social costs of obesity when saying, “Obese people miss more work, costing employers something on the order of $4
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