Obesity : Obese And Obese

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More than half a billion people throughout the world are considered obese. More than one third of Americans today, are considered as being obese. The fourteenth most obese state for children in the United States is Illinois. Thirty-four percent of children in Illinois are obese. The twenty-fifth most obese state for adults in the United States is Illinois. Twenty-nine percent of adults are obese. Twenty-five percent of adults live an inactive lifestyle and have very little physical activity. Being an obese child increases the chances of having a severely obese adulthood. Obesity is a condition of being very fat or overweight. Your body mass index or your BMI is an index for assessing overweight and underweight, obtained by dividing body weight in kilograms and height in meters squared. A measure of 25 to 29.9 for your BMI is considered overweight. Thirty or higher for a BMI is considered obese. Obesity affects at least 30% of the world’s population.
Becoming obese includes many factors. Due to the fact of higher production in unhealthy foods, such as fast foods and an increase of price for healthier foods; many people choose or have an unhealthy diet. Other reasons for people becoming obese include: Consuming too many calories, leading a sedentary lifestyle, not sleeping enough, endocrine disrupters, quitting smoking, medications, self-perpetuating, and obesity gene. Consuming too many calories is one of the many factors that contribute to obesity. When you…
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