Obesity : Obesity And Fitness

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Obesity/ Fitness in the Work Place
Obesity has become a hot topic in today 's society. In our world today this is getting out of control, especially in the United States. People don’t know how to fix the problem. Obesity has become an epidemic that no one can seem to resolve. This is surrounding us in everything we do, and everything we eat. From the Double Quarter Pounder at McDonald’s, to the Whopper at Burger King, obesity is around every corner. The results of this epidemic are hurting many companies and employers. So what can be done about obesity in our world today you might ask?
As a result, the cost to companies is adding up. There are also higher absence among obese employees, as well as higher medical costs. Morale can suffer as employees mock and harass the larger employees about their appearance. Human resource needs to help identify what obesity really is, what it’s costing both employees and the organization. They also need to find lasting solutions to help their employees, for a large number of them, may be a lifelong issue. There are many things such as good and selective nutrition, better work environments and employers can encourage simple exercise that can be performed while on breaks.

What is obesity? What makes obesity different than simply being overweight? In a society where appearance is so important, their apperances is the first thing we will notice and point out, but the serious issue is their medical compications. For example, their Body…

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