Obesity : Obesity And Obesity

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Obesity Close to over one-third of adults living in the United States are obese (Diet and Obesity). Unfortunately, one third of children in the United States are also obese or overweight. Obesity has grown throughout the United States and has led to major health problem and can even be fatal. About 365,000 or more people die every year due to obesity. With numbers increasing obesity should be furthered examined to help prevent these conditions in Americans. The government should take more vigorous roles in fighting obesity to help lower child obesity, reduce health care cost, and improve eating habits in America. Child obesity has drastically risen in the Unites States due to all the advertisements promoting unhealthy food, portions given at fast food restaurants, and the lack of physical activity. Senator Bill Frist writes, “For the first time in our nation’s history, our children and grandchildren are on track to live shorter lives than their parents.” The continuation of bad dieting and exercise leads to a shorter lifespan comparison to a healthy individual causing the unhealthy population to die earlier than predicted. Childhood obesity can also lead to major health consequences such as type II diabetes, breathing problems known as apnea or asthma, and joint problems. These children cannot fully live a normal lifestyle such as running, playing, and interacting with other children. Simple activities like
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