Obesity : Obesity And Obesity

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Rion Stallworth Mrs.Gallos English 3H 19 April, 2016 Obesity in America What is obesity? Obesity simply means to be overweight. There are 4 classifications of weight; underweight, healthy weight, overweight, and obese. Doctors classify the different types of weight by Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI measures body fat based on height and weight. Many people think that they are not overweight. But America has a very high percentage of obese people. America is the number one leading country of obesity. There are more obese children in America than in any other country. Obesity is not only affecting the health of Americans. It is also affecting the government spending. The high percentage of obesity in America is most likely due to the lack…show more content…
(Childhood Obesity) Children could sit in the house and play games for days at a time with no physical activity and while they are at it at, they are fueling junk food into their bodies. Which is not a very healthy choice.”It’s no wonder we’re looking for fast food and fast weight loss options, we spend more time at work and less time in our homes and kitchens than our parents did”(America, Obesity). Another reason childhood obesity is a major a problem in America is because of family environment. If a child has an unhealthy, obese parent, the child has a higher risk of becoming obese, because if the parent is not eating healthy then the child will most likely not eat healthy either. There are also a lot of families going through hard times, so going home to a home cooked meal is almost impossible for families. The parent is always working to make ends meet for their family so they are constantly running, and don’t have time to make home cooked meals for their children so they buy fast foods, which are terrible for children, especially if they are not getting exercise or some type of physical activity. Most of all fast food restaurants are high in sodium, fats and sugars, and constantly putting fast food into the body without some type of exercise is bad for the precious human body. This will lead to obesity, and eventually the body will start developing
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